Roofing Types

Researching Roofing types? American Roofing Industries has a great article explaining roofing types. Here are a few listed here, feel free to check out their website for more roofing types.

Roofing: TPO Membrane :

Thermoplastic Polyolefin (TPO) membranes are one of the most popular commercial roofing systems. These single ply membranes are created by using a reinforced fabric and rubber together. The sheets are heat welded together creating one continuous sheet that covers your roof. Since this product is lightweight, TPO can be used as a recover option. There is no aggregate surfacing on this product, so maintenance is easy. This product has a great reflectivity value and is considered a green roofing option.

Roofing Modified Bitumen:

Modified Bitumen was developed to increase the serviceability of conventional roofing asphalt. It is created blending synthetic rubberized polymers with asphalt. This new blend increased the product’s elasticity, resistance to brittleness at colder temperatures, and greater flow resistance at hotter temperatures. The result is a membrane that combined the multi-layer benefits of built up roofs with the installation advantages of a single-ply membrane. This system offers an excellent cold weather flexibility, lightweight membrane (can be used as a recover), no aggregate surfacing (maintenance and repairs are easier to conduct), and high tensile strength.

Roofing Wood Shingles and Shakes:

Wood shingles and shakes are made from western red cedar. Shakes are heavier than shingles. They are split rather than sawn which gives them a rougher appearance than shingles.





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