At JBC Builders and Roofers, we present you with quality and reasonably-priced roof repairing services. We have been offering quality roof repairing services in Tampa for over four decades. Over the years, our roof repair Tampa Fl services have gained the appreciation of our clients, making us one of the most sought-after roof repair contractors in the industry. Whether, you have a tile roof, metal roof, flat roof or shingle roof, our certified experts can help you in restoring the looks and strength of your residential homes.

Our roof repair professionals make use of superior quality repair materials from established manufacturers to come up with quality roof repair solutions.

Our Services

Treat ponding water

With an in-depth knowledge about the climate and weather of Tampa, our roof repairing experts make sure that water does not accumulate to form small puddles on your roof. Our professionals take necessary measures like, re-pitching the slope of the roof, adding drains, stationing crickets to change the direction of water and allowing it to flow through easily. We also make sure that the roof has no roof debris or patching material blocking the passage of water.

Check and remove flashing<

We check for cracked or broken flashing. With an eye for detail, our roof repair Tampa Fl experts verify if your flashing is susceptible to corrosion or strong enough to withstand the effect of harsh weather conditions. In case we notice that the corrosion has caused water to leak, we take steps to remove the existing flashing and stop water from getting into your interiors through the deck.

Patch screw holes

Our experts use their talent and experience to assess the width of screw holes and determine, if they can allow water to pass through them and damage the roof deck. We use anti-corrosive sealants to protect the screw holes from enlarging due to the impact of wind and rain.

Repair roof vent

With an aim to offer complete client satisfaction, we make sure that the roof vents are not cracked or broken due to roof decay or broken flashing. We use the finest venting products to repair your damaged roof.

Ventilate attic

Our team of roof repair specialists are aware of the significance of insulation. We make sure that moisture does not get trapped in the attic and cause the roof to mold or rust.

With our efficient repair work, you can not only have lasting roofs, but also be the proud owner of a strong and well-maintained home. Only a well-experienced and highly talented team of roof repair specialists, like us, can help you in this endeavor.

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