Preparing a Roof for Rainy Season

In Tampa Florida, we are subject to heavy storms that can potentially damage or ruin your home without the proper precautions. Learn how to prepare your roof for the rainy season in order to keep your repair costs down.preparing roof for leaks image credit: WikiHowGet your roof ready for the rains. Inspect your roof twice per year to avoid costly problems that can escalate into tremendous cost. Look for cracks along the ridge of your roof and where your shingles fold over to form the cap. Inspect the valleys of your roof (the area of your roof with a downward slope). Make sure that the sheet metal does not have any holes or rusty spots. Make sure that you do not have any missing, loose or curled shingles. Replace any in shingles in poor condition to avoid moisture leaks inside your home that can weaken your wall and/or ceilings.Take a look at your gutters to make sure that they drain well and don’t cause water to back up. Also make sure that there are not a lot of little granules collecting in there. Granules in your gutter are a sign that your roof’s coating needs to be resealed.roof gutters image credit: WikiHowIf you have any questions or concerns, call JBC Builders Roofers to come inspect your roof! Click here to read about us.


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